The Big New Year’s Reboot 3-Day Meal Plan and Shopping List

By: Joe Cross

The 3-Day Plan we will be using is ready as part of our New Year New You 2014 eMag. Download the eMag and meal plan.

This is a revised plan from my new book the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet available in the UK and AUS (US and Canada coming in February 2014!). The eMag also contains tips for making 2014 the year of the happiest, healthiest you, which I’m excited to help you jump-start with our Big New Year’s Reboot!

Remember, if you have allergies or health issues, or can’t find specific ingredients, it’s OK to make substitutions.  You can access our substitution guide at

Happy New Year and Juice On!

Joe Cross

More than 20 million people around the world watched Joe Cross juice his way across America, losing 100 pounds and getting off medication in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The film ignited a juicing movement. Viewers around the world have been inspired to start juicing, lose weight and get healthy - and as a result of the film over 370 million glasses of fresh juice have been consumed, 370,000 tons of fruit and vegetables consumed, more than 24.8 million pounds of weight lost, and over 220,000 people are now medication free. Joe's second film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 was released in November 2014. Through his journey and the lives of the people he meets throughout the film Joe shares all that he's learned about how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world, revealing that most of us really do have more control over of our health than we think - and that none of us are perfect, especially Joe himself! His book, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, hit the New York Times' best seller list in March 2014, and the companion guide The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Cookbook launched that summer.

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