AJ Is Sleeping Through The Night

A mother of four and new business owner, AJ lived with chronic pain. She had joint pain, migraines, back pain and shoulder pain from an injury. She was chronically tired, and she only got about 4 hours of sleep per night. Browsing Netflix one night for something to entertain them, AJ and her boyfriend came […]

Kel’s New Habits Mean Better Periods

There was nothing really wrong with Kel when she found “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” But she didn’t love the way she felt right before and during her period. Besides the PMS and cramps, she knew that her chocolate and chip-snacking habit was probably making things worse. After her 10 Day Juicing and Eating Plan, […]

Karie-Ann’s Cancer Goes Into Remission*

When Karie-Ann was given an experimental treatment for her stage 2 Melanoma, she was hopeful that it would supercharge her immune system and knock out the cancer. But a negative reaction put the treatment on hold, and things took a turn for the worse. After discovering “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” Karie-Ann decided to Reboot […]

Suanne Rocks Her Jeans at 50

When Suanne and Donny started a family, she gained 60 pounds on her first pregnancy. Five kids and 20 years later, Suanne realized she had neglected her body and sacrificed her health for too long. She was dealing with diabetes, obesity, walking with a cane and facing back and hip replacement surgery. Instead, she chose […]

Amy’s Diabetes is in Her Control

Amy was fed up with feeling tired, and she wanted to get control of her health and live healthier with diabetes. As a busy mom, she needed the energy for her family. She chose the 60 Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes to help her stay accountable to her goals… and also because she wasn’t confident […]

Cheri’s Thriving After Diabetes and Cancer

Cheri Munden had long struggled with poor eating and self-care habits. But it wasn’t until she saw “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” that she realized how much more control she had over her health and life. Doing the Guided Reboot helped her understand how her body works and how to keep it healthy for life. […]

Adam’s Son Sparks Transformation

Adam suffered for years with severe depression and binge eating disorder, which took a toll on his health and damaged his liver. He dipped a toe into healthier living with short 3- and 5-day Reboots, and got some great short-term results. But it was his young son that motivated him to make a huge lifestyle […]