Is MCT Oil for You?

By: Suzanne Boothby

Looking for help losing weight after a Reboot? Have you tried MCT oil yet? MCT stands for a medium-chain triglyceride. It’s a concentrated extract of coconut oil that can help with weight loss and has other health benefits too.

You may have heard about it as a popular add-in to coffee drinks mixed with butter, but you can use it in a variety of ways.

Here’s the info you need to know, including how to enjoy it with juices and smoothies.

What is MCT Oil?
MCT oil is a healthy fat and a source of medium-chain triglycerides, which in science terms means fatty acids that are made up of a medium-length carbon chains. All fats have different effects on the body, but medium-chain fats are largely missing from the typical Western diet and tend to be easier to assimilate than many other sources of fat. They also help you to feel full.

You can get MCTs from coconut oil, but MCT oil is a more concentrated version that companies like Bulletproof say is 18 times stronger than plain coconut oil.

It’s also clear, odorless and virtually tasteless, so if you’re not a fan of coconut flavor, you might want to try this oil instead. Another distinction is it stays liquid at any temperature, unlike coconut oil which becomes solid in colder temperatures.

Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Brain Power & More
Clinical studies have shown that consumption of MCTs can be useful for weight loss and management, and be more beneficial than olive oil. One study found that MCT oil can also help with reducing appetite and another one found it can help with body fat reduction.

MCTs  are good for your brain and can help improve cognitive function, as well. One small study found that supplementing with it helped individuals with mild forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease after just a single dose.

MCT oil is also known to increase energy levels, because it is easily metabolized and provides a quick source of fuel for your body.

Finally, MCTs contain a compound called caprylic acid, which is good for the gut and can help fight fungal infections and more.

Can I Add it to Juice?
Yes, MCT can easily be added to juices, smoothies, teas and coffee. You can measure the amount you’d like to use and mix or blend it in there. For juices, make any juice recipe you like and add the MCT oil after you have poured your juice into a glass and mix it in. You may see little dots of oil at the top of your cup, but you won’t taste it. For smoothies, you can add it to your blender along with all the other ingredients and then blend it all together.

Pro Tip: Start with a teaspoon size serving and work your way up to a tablespoon. This will help your body acclimate to the MCT oil.

Where Do I Find It?
MCTs are present in coconut oil or you can buy a concentrated bottle of MCT oil at a health food store or on Amazon. Look for brands that are sourced from organic coconut. Be prepared for a higher price tag, as this item can be more than $20 for 16 ounces.

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