Joe’s Journal: Day 31 – Rebooting on the Road

By: Joe Cross

On the morning of Day 31, I was only too aware that I was at the halfway point of my Reboot. Believe me, when you’re drinking nothing but juice and water for 60 days reaching the halfway point is cause for celebration. One down, one to go, was what I said to myself. From this day forward, I’d have juiced more than the time remaining in the Reboot. On top of that piece of good news, I’d lost 50 pounds and had already reduced my Prednisone dosage to 7.5mg, and had no new urticaria outbreaks – a huge accomplishment, which meant that what I’d been hoping would happen, that is, that my body would begin to heal itself, was in fact happening.

I was about to embark on another first in my life which was another reason to celebrate. I was preparing to drive across the United States of America from coast to coast, something I’d always wanted to do. Though, come to think of it, when I’d dreamed of doing it, being on a sixty-day Reboot and bringing the film crew along with me hadn’t been part of the fantasy. I had to wonder if anyone EVER had driven across the U.S. in these conditions.

Like any road trip, ours required some preparation. I bought a blue Toyota Highlander Hybrid to make the trip. I bought a generator. I threw in my juicer and bought an extra-long extension cord. I loaded up the backseat with fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods. Because a film crew was coming along, I rented a fully outfitted camper van. Among other useful features it had a sink, which, for the next month would be used frequently when I cleaned my juicer. We were ready to go!

One of the most common questions I get is “I travel a lot for work. How do I Reboot on the road.” Unless you have a juicer, generator and camper van with sink following you, it’s not easy. I travel frequently and here’s some things that work well for me:

1.) If you’re driving, at home make enough juices for the first few days of your trip. Freeze them and then take them along in a cooler.

2.) Scope out fresh juice bars in the area you’re traveling to. Use our Juice Bar Locator to help you.

3.) If you buy pre-packaged juice look for HPP juice (high pressure pasteurize). Any of the green Evolution juices that are now available at Starbucks are a great alternative. If you’re in Australia, get Reboot Your Life juices at Woolworths!

4.) On a Reboot? Have fresh juice shipped to you. While there are many services available, Blueprint is one of our favorites that ships anywhere in the US and Canada.

5.) And remember, a Reboot is juicing and eating fruits and vegetables. If you want to juice but can’t then just eat your fruits and veggies to stay on your Reboot.  Bring a bag of carrots on the plane, order a salad at a restaurant but hold the cheese and meat!

Watch the most recent episode of the Joe Show for helpful tips to keep you healthy while traveling.

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Joe Cross

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