Pink Lemonade

By: Kari Thorstensen

A pink juice in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness was the challenge. I checked out our Food Remedies guide for a list of foods that help prevent cancer and selected green cabbage from the cruciferous family, strawberries for the flavonoids, mint for the omega-3’s and lemon from the citrus family. The results were a delicious juice worthy of a pink ribbon.

As with all juices, adjust the ingredients to your taste. Like it minty? Add more mint. Not sure how much cabbage is 1/2 a head? Start with a quarter. Like it sweeter? Add a few more  strawberries!

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  • 2 pears
  • 1 small lemon
  • 1/2 head of green cabbage (about 1 wedge)
  • 1 large handful of lettuce
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 12 strawberries


  1. Wash all ingredients.
  2. Peel the lemon (optional).
  3. Add all produce through juicer and enjoy!

Servings: 1

  • Nutrition per serving:

Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used.

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Kari Thorstensen

As the Managing Director of Reboot, Kari Thorstensen is responsible for product development and web services. Until the age of 23, Kari did not eat any green vegetables. Now she has to have a daily green juice. She enjoys being inspired in the kitchen by her co-workers and has started bringing Jamie’s Smart Sweets to family gatherings. (They are a hit.) She loves making up juices with her 4-year-old son. Dino Juice has been replaced by Rainbow Race Car Juice as the current favorite.

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