How I Shed 85 Pounds with Juice & Exercise

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Name:  Anthony Nardi
Age: 29
Location: Punta Gorda, FL
Reboot: Juice only for 5 days, 2x a month
What Health Issues apply to you?
High Blood Pressure
Did you Reboot to lose weight?               

I started my transformation back in June of 2014 weighing in at 235lbs with 35% body fat 41″ waist.  Now in March 2015 I am 150lbs, 12% body fat and 30″ waist. I decided to change after I had a high cholesterol of 419 and Blood Pressure of 180/120 and I would never take my medication like I was supposed to.  Also, when I went to Europe and found out that they didn’t have any jeans over there that would fit me, I needed to change.  No more health problems as of now and I feel great.  I started working out and doing a lot of cardio and eating healthy but once I hit the 205 pound slump, it seems like doing that stuff wasn’t helping as much as I thought it would anymore.  Then my friend told me to watch “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.  I was pretty amazed so I thought I would try it.  The first time I did 5 days and got down to around 195.  Eventually I became obsessed with juicing that I was going it about twice a month, 5 days at a time.  Doing that for month definitely did the trick and that’s how I got to where I am now.  Even though I don’t juice fast as much, I still juice every single day either with my meals or to replace a meal.  I have attached some before and after pictures.

How did you learn about Reboot with Joe?
I saw “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Netflix.

What inspired you to do a Reboot?
My father had diabetes and lost part of his foot. I didn’t want to go down that road and with a Cholesterol of 419, it seemed like that’s where I was headed.

How did the experience go for you?     
Great! I started at 235 pounds and once I hit that slump where working out and eating right wasn’t working as much anymore, I tried the juice fast. I went from 205 pounds to 195 pounds in 5 days. I’ve been doing it every day since. Now I am at 150 pounds.

How much weight did you lose (even if that wasn’t your goal!)?
In total, I’ve lost 85 pounds since June 2014, but I lost 55 pounds from juice fasting.

Did you have any notable health or physical improvements?    
Yes, no more high blood pressure or high cholesterol and I feel great.

What was the toughest part about the Reboot experience?
Nothing, I loved every bit of it.

What habits have you maintained and kept a part of your everyday life?            
I juice at least once a day and complete a 5 day fast once a month now at least.  I still continue to go to the gym and eat healthy.

What is your lasting impression of the Reboot experience?      
Seeing my before and after pictures.

Anthony Before and After Photo

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