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Share your favorite healthy recipe with the Reboot community. Joe and the Reboot Team will select one community member’s recipe each week to feature on our site, and if yours is the lucky one chosen we will send you our Reboot With Joe Recipe Book!

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Recipe ingredients and amounts cannot by themselves be copyrighted, but descriptions, directions and other text can. By submitting this recipe, I represent that the description, directions and other text incorporated into this recipe are my own words and do not copy or otherwise infringe the work of any other person. I hereby grant Reboot USA the royalty-free right and license to use this recipe, in whole or in part, in any form or media. Furthermore, I understand that, while Reboot USA will make reasonable efforts to attribute authorship of the recipe to me, Reboot USA will be under no obligation to do so for any reason, including, for example, if the recipe has already been published on or in any materials produced by Reboot USA or has already been submitted by another.

* All recipes submitted should be 100% plant-based and free of processed ingredients. Your recipe will support our mission of helping people change their eating habits by simply adding more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

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