After School Snack: Strawberry-Date Smoothie

By: Freshmade NYC

This smoothie is perfectly sweetened with dates, one of the best all-natural sweeteners. They are a good source of fiber as well as an excellent source of potassium and other vitamins and minerals.

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  • 1 cup (8 oz/250 ml) almond milk
  • 2 dates (pitted)
  • 1 small banana
  • 12 strawberries


  1. Pour milk into blender, add pitted dates. Blend until the dates are dissolved.
  2. Next add bananas and strawberries (freeze them the night before for a thicker, more creamy smoothie).
  3. Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Servings: 2

  • Nutrition per serving:
  • Calories120
  • Fat2g
  • Saturated Fat0g
  • Cholesterol0mg
  • Sodium90mg
  • Carbohydrates25g
  • Fiber4g
  • Sugars15g
  • Protein 2g

Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used.

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Freshmade NYC

When Freshmade NYC began it was an idea driven by a question, "How do we make healthier food options appealing and accessible to our children?" Our mission is not only to expose healthy foods to young children, but to also give parents and caregivers ideas of how they can create a love for healthy eating in their children. Today Freshmade NYC has become a full service catering and events company, as well as a cooking and arts program. Our goal continues to be to provide fresh and healthy alternatives to the usual pizza and hotdog world of kids' parties. And now through our cooking and arts classes we aspire to provide an enriching learning experience as well. Our program is designed to make families more aware of healthy lifestyles through creative, hands on classes for children, their parents and caregivers alike. Because we recognize that it is important to nurture the body, as well as the mind, the curriculum for our classes takes into account the developmental milestones and levels of all of our students. Through group activities and family style classes we encourage socialization, independent thinking, and physical fitness. In addition, classes include components of literacy, science, and math according to age appropriate practices. As we strive to be a successful family center to the neighborhood, we hope to help grow healthy bodies and healthy minds.

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