My Reboot was 30 of the hardest days of my life, but also the most amazing

“It changed my life forever. I went into it just hoping to lose weight and I got so much more. It completely changed how I looked at food. I got the weight off and became a personal trainer and I wrote a book.” Read Zach’s full story on how a Reboot changed his life forever.

Patrick Lost 143 Lbs (65 Kilos), 14 Inches from His Waist and Cut His BMI in Half

I used to dread looking in a mirror or getting on a scale because it brought me instant shame. Today I do both regularly to be sure I never see that obese person ever again. Even though I am still on insulin after losing 143 pounds I no longer need any medication for cholesterol or high blood pressure. Both have returned to normal plus my feet improved. I seem to need less sleep as well.