Down 85 Pounds, Martin Now Inspires 7 People a Week to Start A Reboot

“I was laying in bed late one night, my breathing was laboured, I was on statins, blood pressure tablets gout tablets, taking kelp for an underactive thyroid and anti depressants. I was now desperate to change, but couldn’t find the strength to do so. Then on Netflix I stumbled across Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I was hooked. Seeing how Joe and Phil lost so much weight, I was desperate to try it. There was one issue though. I hated vegetables, and wasn’t keen on fruit either. Still I had to try it.” Read Martin’s amazing story.

Sick of His Nickname, “Meaty”, Michael Rebooted for 60 Days & is Now Called “Juice”

“I was tired of my nickname, Meaty, and everyone calling me fat or poking jokes about my weight and assuming I was lazy because I was overweight. The Reboot was my chance to turn that around. And now people refer to me as ‘Juice’.” Read Michael’s full story.

Izzy O. Rebooted for 60 Days to Be a Role Model for His Newborn Son

I received the Breville 800JEXL as a gift on my birthday in July 2012 from my older brother which it unfortunately sat in my kitchen for about 8 months. My son was then born in Dec. 2012 and after realizing I would be no role model to him by living an unhealthy lifestyle, I took on the challenge to Reboot and started my 60 day Reboot in March. Read Izzy’s full story.

Tired of Being Fat, 20 Year OId Barry J. Takes Control of His Life for Good

“I’m the only one who helped myself because my family and friends can only support me so much but the only one who can truly help me is myself. Also, I wanted to change my life because I was tired of being fat. I had been fat since birth. I wanted to feel fit and healthy. I couldn’t stand people talking about my weight.” Read Barry’s full story.

At Age 32 Kelly Finds a New Way to Celebrate (with Juice!)

Name:  Kelly D. Age: 32 Location: Thousand Oaks, CA Reboot: 60 days of juice only. I recently started another 21 day Reboot. Health Improvements: Lost 32 pounds on the 60 day juice fast, 50 pounds total; reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. QUESTIONS How did you learn about Reboot Your Life? I had lunch with my […]

56 Year Old Joe R. Feels Better Than He Did at 20

Joe R. lost 115 lbs, stopped taking 16 Advil per day for pain, lowered his blood pressure from 130/90 to 108/64, improved resting heart rate from 96 to 58 and it continues to drop after he completed two 60-Day Reboots. He feels better than he did at age 20 and runs everyday!