In the Reboot Kitchen: Chocolate Berry Crunch Smoothie

Berries are ripe for the picking this time of year in the US. Not only are they absolutely delicious, they offer an amazing array of health promoting phytonutrients. The dark and vibrant colors signify the rich variety of nutrients – I always like to say, “if a fruit or veggie stains your shirt, it’s got to be good for you!”

Potent Purple Juice

Up the nutrient intake at this year’s Sedar and include fresh juice to celebrate this tradition! Not only is this Passover Purple Juice bursting with flavor it also boasts potent phytonutrients like the antioxidant anthocyanin, linked with helping to reduce cancer risk, inflammation, age-related memory loss and cognitive function. Blackberries even have a higher ORAC score, a measure of antioxidant status, than blueberries! (Although all berries are a great source of antioxidants).

In the Reboot Kitchen: Goodness Gracious Smoothie

This smoothie is a power-house of potassium, vitamin A, fibre and good essential fatty acids. Goji berries are wonderfully high in antioxidants and are commonly listed as a superfood.