What My Doctor Learned from Me

“My doctor took my blood pressure medication from 100mg to 50mg to 25mg and today, nothing! He was so happy with me he brought me into the front office and told everyone there what I had done! He also told me he brought the idea of juicing home to his family!” Read Joe’s journey to see how he inspired his doctor’s family to start juicing.

Adam Shocked His Doctors After Rebooting 90 Days to Avoid Lap Band Surgery

“I was inspired after reading Joe’s bio and realising that I could easily take out the name Joe and replace it with mine. I started on 7/8/2013 at 112.8 kgs./249 lbs. after being told by my doctor to have lapband surgery as I was clinically severely obese. I refused and said I would lose the weight by natural means. He said if you were going to lose the weight you would have by now. True words maybe and very motivating.” Read Adam’s full story.

Kevin Rebooted After He Realized He Spent More Time in the Drive-thru Than His Own Kitchen

“I had to go to three different stores to find something that fit, and ended up with a pair of ”Grandpa Roomy-Bottom” trousers with the patented ”Elasto-Flex Waist for Mature Men”. That was the day I realized that I’d been spending more time in the drive-thru than in my own kitchen, and it was time to come up with a plan to learn how to eat better.” Read Kevin’s full story.

Patrick Lost 143 Lbs (65 Kilos), 14 Inches from His Waist and Cut His BMI in Half

I used to dread looking in a mirror or getting on a scale because it brought me instant shame. Today I do both regularly to be sure I never see that obese person ever again. Even though I am still on insulin after losing 143 pounds I no longer need any medication for cholesterol or high blood pressure. Both have returned to normal plus my feet improved. I seem to need less sleep as well.

At Age 32 Kelly Finds a New Way to Celebrate (with Juice!)

Name:  Kelly D. Age: 32 Location: Thousand Oaks, CA Reboot: 60 days of juice only. I recently started another 21 day Reboot. Health Improvements: Lost 32 pounds on the 60 day juice fast, 50 pounds total; reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. QUESTIONS How did you learn about Reboot Your Life? I had lunch with my […]

56 Year Old Joe R. Feels Better Than He Did at 20

Joe R. lost 115 lbs, stopped taking 16 Advil per day for pain, lowered his blood pressure from 130/90 to 108/64, improved resting heart rate from 96 to 58 and it continues to drop after he completed two 60-Day Reboots. He feels better than he did at age 20 and runs everyday!