A Chef’s Juice: Extreme Green

I love juicing. I started juicing 10 months ago and since then, I have dropped a total of 80 lbs./36 kg! I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to maintain my current weight at 205 lbs/93 kg. for the past two months thanks to all the juicing. While I love experimenting with all different fruits and veggies, I always favor the green juices. Get the recipe for this extreme green juice!

A Chef Tells All: How My Palate Changed After a 30 Day Reboot

“I very quickly realized that my palate had changed after my Reboot. Dishes, which I thought were amazing before, became mediocre. I had now become more in tune with the nutritional aspect of the food that I ate versus the umami taste that Chef’s strive for. My mind and body started telling me what was the most beneficial fuel to put in my mouth for my well-being.” Read his full story.

A Chef’s Juice: Rainbow Summer Juice

This is a great intro juice. The reason we like this is because it has the 80/20 vegetable/fruit ratio. It only contains six ingredients so it’s easy to make and most of these ingredients are easy to find all the time. We call it “rainbow juice” as it has multiple vegetables and fruits of different colors.