Smart Sweet: Raw Cadbury Creme Eggs

“Can I please have one more Cadbury Creme Egg?” Every year at Easter that was my mantra. My Easter basket was loaded with them. I loved the creaminess and of course the chocolate. And I always wanted more than just one. So, as with most of my favorite memorable sweets, I decided to make my own Cadbury Creme Eggs — raw, vegan, delicious ones. Try something new this Easter and give these a go. Your family and friends will love them!

In the Reboot Kitchen: Easter Sunday Smoothie

Brighten up your Easter basket with this vibrant, nutrient rich smoothie! It’s packed with light and fresh spring flavors and potent anti-inflammatory compounds, like bromelain from pineapple and omega-3s from chia seeds and hemp hearts. The chia seeds and hemp hearts also lend extra protein to boost energy levels.

Easter Aftermath! How to Avoid Those Lingering Chocolate Cravings

Chocolate Easter eggs have been in the supermarkets since the beginning of the year in Australia. Australia is reported to consume an average of 5-6kilograms (11-13pounds) of chocolate per person per year. Holiday periods including Easter are times when many people eat more foods rich in calories, fats and sugars than they normally should or […]