Tanya Reboots 105 Days to Avoid Gastric Bypass Surgery

“I had a meniscal tear with osteoarthritis in my knee that had me walking with a cane. My doctor and the orthopedic doctor suggested Gastric Bypass as a way to lose weight and take the pressure off of my knee. I have never had any surgery and for me that wasn’t an option I was willing to accept. Thanks to being introduced to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead it never happened.” Read Tanya’s full story.

Heather Loses 162 Lbs. Rebooting and Can Now Easily Bend Over to Put Her Socks On

“I don’t wake up coughing at night anymore. I can jump, run and jog! My skin glows, my eyes are clear, and my hair is softer. I can actually fold myself in half! I have energy coming out of my ears! My husband and I fit much better on our queen size bed! I don’t ache like I used to. I feel fantastic! I can bend over with my seat belt on and pick something up off the floor! I can cross my legs! I can put my foot on my knee to put my socks on!” Read Heather’s full story.

Archaegeo, 46, Reboots to Lose Weight and Gain Energy for His Newborn Daughter

“My daughter was born in January, and it just didn’t seem fair to have her grow up with a Dad who was too fat to do things with her or chase her around the yard. I decided to Reboot for 63 days. It has been an incredible experience that I would not trade for anything.” Read Archaego’s full story.