6 Differences of Grocery Shopping in the US vs. Australia

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is exploring cultural differences when it comes to the way people buy, label and eat their food. I recently spent some time in Tasmania, Australia and one of my first stops while there was the grocery store. I wanted to check out how Australians eat and buy their food verses how we do in the US. I looked for major differences in the way that Australians label and purchase their food, and here’s what I found.

5 Foods Your Great-Great Grandmother Would Never Eat

There are so many so called “foods” that I would never eat as a health practitioner and this goes for many others who educate themselves about how food is grown, manufactured and processed. If your great-great grandmother didn’t eat it, then we shouldn’t either. Find out the 5 foods I always avoid.

Demystifying Organic

Organic farming optimizes nature by using sustainable and renewable resources and methods. In contrast to conventional techniques, organic farming refrains from using chemical pesticides, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. Instead, organic farmers use environmentally sound processes like crop rotation, biodiversity, and biological control to manage pests, maximize biological activity, and protect the health and integrity of the soil. If you can’t buy organic, remember that the benefits of eating your fruits and veggies far outweigh the risks associated with pesticide exposure.

Spooky, Scary Nutrition Facts

Happy Halloween! In honor of this spooky holiday we are going to share some scary nutrition facts you’ll want to know. But don’t be afraid… we’ll arm you with the info you need to steer clear of these frightful foods and boost the nutritional quality of your everyday diet instead.

Genetically Modified Foods – part 2; Australian Update

Genetically modified (GM) foods have always been a subject of controversy, and there is confusion about whether we are already eating them in Australia. Currently in Australia there are 3 types of GM crops that have been approved by the Gene Technology Regulator to be grown commercially in Australia. GM cotton has been grown commercially […]

Genetically Modified Foods – Part 1; US Marketplace is ripe with GM foods.

Genetically modified foods (GM) is one of the most hot button, controversial subjects in the world of food and nutrition today. Like religion or politics, it’s a touchy subject and many people have strong opinions about the detriment or merit of this practice. Let’s take a brief glance at the key points and what you […]

Choosing Organic: When To Buy It and When To Skip It

Organic foods are increasingly popular, prevalent and in demand. Organic farming is one of the fastest growing segments in US agriculture accounting for 3.5% of total retail food sales in 2010, up from 1.8% in 2003. Australians are also choosing organic foods more often especially younger women living in urban areas. Concerns over environmental exposures, […]