Ciao Bella Juice

Last Friday afternoon while we were throwing a goodbye party for one of our Reboot Team members, we made this Ciao Bella juice. The taste is so satisfying, so sweet, and super rich in beta carotene from the abundance of orange fruits and vegetables. We were all glowing after we drank it! Enjoy the recipe.

Seasonal: Roasted Golden Beets

I recently lost 60 pounds over the past year and a half, all without counting calories or points. Just a few simple changes made all the difference: cutting out sugar, adding veggie juices, and eating smaller portions. I snacked on healthy options like these Roasted Golden Beets and while on my weight loss journey, I designed a unique, stylish, and smart way to be health-savvy and in control: Simple Portion Bowls. I wanted something beautiful to motivate and carry me through to “healthy.”