Do You Have Histamine Intolerance?

Do you suffer with a chronic runny nose, hives, dizziness, fatigue, facial flushing from certain foods or any other vague symptoms? You may have histamine intolerance. Histamine can negatively impact your health if it’s chronically elevated due to the body producing elevated levels or it’s not able to break it down effectively. People who suffer […]

Michael M. Sees Food Differently after his 60 Day Reboot

Name: Michael M. Location:  Columbus, IN Reboot: 60 Day Reboot Health Improvements: Blood pressure: 95/78; glucose level: 90 mg/dl; cholesterol 109 mg/dl.  Weight loss: 60 lbs; no more knee and feet pain; no longer snores What inspired you to do a Reboot? For months I had been feeling bad about my physical condition and the […]

You Snooze, You Lose (and why that’s a Good thing!)

There is a large amount of research indicating how long you sleep for can affect your weight. There are a few reasons why this is so. Studies have shown that when we sleep for the recommended amount of 7-9hrs a night our weight loss may be more significant. People who are deprived of sleep are […]

Negative Effects of Obesity and Overweight

There is no question that obesity has reached a critical level and dramatic personal and societal changes are needed. Not so long ago I was asked “What an orthopedic spine surgeon knows about nutrition?”  Although I believe most physicians should be experts in nutrition, the question was actually not that surprising because the standard medical […]

Introducing: “Reboot Your Life” Coach, Victoria

Hello and welcome to “REBOOT YOUR LIFE” coaching! I’m Victoria and I am very excited to join the Reboot community! As an internationally respected life coach, author and speaker, my passion and focus is to impact, inspire and motivate the community to Reboot their health, their thinking and their lives. My philosophy is YOU can […]

Hungry For Change, Compelling New Health Documentary

“Hungry For Change” is the powerful new documentary from the people who brought us “Food Matters”.  “Hungry For Change” really elevates the conversation about why we eat what we eat, gives examples of ways to shift behaviors, and introduces compelling experts to guide the viewer the whole way through. This film makes a strong case […]

Red Meat May Be More Harmful Than You Think

Interesting research coming out of Harvard School of Public Health this week shows a link between daily consumption of red meat and serious illness, including cancer and heart disease.  The risk goes up when the red meat in question is highly processed.  Think: Steak vs. Hot Dogs. Robert Bazell, NBC’s chief science and medical correspondent, […]