Candy Hangover? 6 Smart Ways to Get It out of the House

The aftermath of Halloween is here…excess candy is lurking around your home, costume parts are randomly scattered about, stringy spider webs are stuck in your hair. You may have survived temptation Halloween night passing on sampling the treats you gave the kids, but having extra candy lying around is a recipe for unwanted, unstoppable snacking that can quickly lead to weight gain. Here are smart ways to get it out of sight and out of mind.

Picky Eaters: Dispelling the Myth

It seems as though the term “Picky Eater” which used to refer to a child acting outside the normal expectations of behaviour is often used whenever a child doesn’t want to eat something, finish everything on their plate or expresses their dislike of a particular food. There’s a balance or fine line; it’s important to set boundaries around eating but it’s also essential for lifelong health that children are allowed to express their likes, dislikes, and feeling of hunger and fullness even when it doesn’t align with our predetermined plans, ideals or goals.

5 Things to Never Put in Your Child’s Lunchbox

The first day of school is here or quickly approaching for many kids across the US! Back to school comes with hectic schedules, sports and plenty of homework. To keep your child (and yourself!) healthy, focused and able to perform at their best, it’s important to consider carefully what you’re eating and drinking plus the timing of meals and snacks.

Keep Your Kids Healthy While Traveling

Summertime typically means holidays, vacations, and outdoor fun and fitness, but it also means lots of traveling! While it can be easy to slip up on your health goals for your family due to the convenience of sugar loaded grab-and-go snacks, I want to help you stay focused to keep you and your kids healthy while you’re on the road.

The Scary Truth About Sugar

It’s one thing to indulge in a slice of cake or a holiday cookie, but the truth is that kids (and adults) are getting too much sugar in their daily diets. Here’s something that may surprise you: over 80% of the items in a typical grocery stores contain added sugars. Follow these tips to help you steer your kids (and you) away from too much sugar.