Host a Healthier Holiday Party

People mistakenly believe that party food has to be unhealthy. Let’s work together to blow this myth out of the water. While the holiday season can be filled with comfort foods and sweet treats, holiday parties can still have nutritious and delicious foods. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, the average person can certainly pack on […]

Winter Blast Juice

This fresh, seasonal juice makes enough for a party. If you serve it in small 5-ounce party cups, you could serve up to 9 people. Juice is always something fun to share, and can be a great way to add healthy items to your menu too. This recipes features daikon radish, which is often called […]

10 Don’ts a Nutritionist Sticks to at a Holiday Party

I love to enjoy holiday parties just like everyone else, but I do my best to not let the season drag my health and wellness goals down. So if you’re wondering how a nutritionists navigates a holiday party while still having fun, here are the 10 Don’ts that I follow when going out. Hey, even if you stick to just 7 of these you are doing yourself a favor!