Should I Reboot Over the Holidays?

The decision to Reboot is always a very personal one, but holidays can be one of the most challenging times of the year. Some people choose to wait until the new year, but others feel inspired to challenge themselves during the season of gluttony and know the only way to stay healthy through it is to start a Reboot. Whatever you decide is purely up to you, but here are a few pros and cons to consider before making your decision.

Warming “Mocktails” To Keep You Healthy All Season Long

Let’s face it. Sometimes drinking the same green juice over and over again can become a little monotonous, especially in the winter when you just feel like cozying up with something warm. Next time a cold spell comes over you and you can’t possibly think about adding another cold drink to your body, consider these warming drinks, that will not only warm your insides but provide health benefits too.

13 Ways to Get Back on Track

Processed and high sugar foods can be very addictive and once you have reintroduced these foods into your diet you can easily start craving them again. Sugar is one of those foods where the more you eat, the more you want it. So I have listed some easy to follow guidelines to tackle those sweet cravings and get back on track.

Get Back on Track after the Holidays

The holiday season is now in full swing and with the festivities come lots of parties, heavy comfort foods and high calorie drinks. Wondering how to stick with your wellness goals during this hectic season? Here are 10 tips for getting back on track and cruising through the season healthfully.

Give Thanks without Giving Up Your Health

The holiday season is almost here and for some it may be a time where sticking to a healthy eating or weight loss plan is even more difficult. The heavy meals and tempting desserts are ubiquitous at work functions, family parties and every place in between. Here are some helpful tips to stay happy and healthy this Thanksgiving and holiday season!