Green Smoothie: Spinach & Melon

It doesn’t get any easier than this! No more excuses for not consuming fresh fruits and veggies. Even for those new palates not used to eating these healthy foods, this smoothie is very light, refreshing and satisfying. Get the recipe and find out more benefits of consuming spinach!

Heavenly Honeydew Juice

Fill your body full of nutrition with this healthy juice. It’s a perfect combination for your palate because the melon adds a little sweetness next to the stronger more bitter spinach and cucumber skin. Get the recipe and find out just how many nutrients this juice contains.

In the Reboot Kitchen: “Mint” to Be Green

Last week I made a refreshing smoothie with almost these exact ingredients and it was so light and crisp that I knew I needed to try it as a juice. This combination is delicious both ways! The addition of mint adds flavor and health promoting phytonutrients like omega-3 fats. Get the recipe.

Kickin’ Cucumber Melon Juice – Recipe Of The Week

Dive into spring with a refreshing, cool juice with a kick. This juice is full of plant-based phytonutrients that can promote healthy, clear skin, reduce inflammation and may even boost metabolism. Even if it’s not springtime in your part of the world, this juice is a perfect pick-me-up anytime of day.