Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

It seems to happen every fall. We begin spending more time indoors, the kids are exposed to new germs now that they are in school, and whenever germs are closed up with us they seem to just bounce back and forth between everyone. And then it happens. One family member gets sick. Then another and so forth until everyone is miserable. A little prevention though can go a long way and fresh fruits and vegetables are chock full of nutrients can help keep your immune system going strong and stay strong when the germs come calling. Get this recipe to ward off colds!

After School Snack: Sunflower-Goji Cookies

Your kids (and you!) will love these cookies loaded with sunflower seeds and high in vitamin E to help them resist the flu and upper respiratory infections by supporting the immune system.

Seasonal: Green Carrot Ginger Juice

If you want to ward off any sort of seasonal flu that is going around then load up on this juice super-packed with immune-boosting, heart-healthy ginger. Ginger has vitamin B-6 and minerals like magnesium and manganese. Vitamin B-6 and the minerals found in ginger have been shown to be beneficial for preventing heart disease, balancing blood sugar, preventing muscle aches and cramping, and for soothing an upset stomach.