Curb Your Picky Eating Habits

Boy and tomato

Children aren’t the only ones who get labeled as “picky eaters.” I frequently hear from adults who say they “just don’t like” vegetables. Personally, I find it so strange when people say definitively “I don’t like spinach” because to me, spinach looks, feels and tastes completely different whether it’s raw, cooked, in a smoothie, or […]

Picky Eaters: Dispelling the Myth

It seems as though the term “Picky Eater” which used to refer to a child acting outside the normal expectations of behaviour is often used whenever a child doesn’t want to eat something, finish everything on their plate or expresses their dislike of a particular food. There’s a balance or fine line; it’s important to set boundaries around eating but it’s also essential for lifelong health that children are allowed to express their likes, dislikes, and feeling of hunger and fullness even when it doesn’t align with our predetermined plans, ideals or goals.