Four Belts in One Year, From XXL to Medium

“After a month of my juice fast I started running. For my first run I went as far as I possibly could, and then I ran back. I went 6 miles and laid on the floor for an hour afterwards! Not even 6 months after starting my fast on April 31st I started thinking about ways I could mark my 1 year anniversary of being healthy. On April 13th I will be running the London Marathon.” Read Christopher’s full story.

How I Eventually Ignored the Voices of Juicing Naysayers and Finished on Top

“September 14th, 2013 is a day I will never forget! It was a day when I looked juicing naysayers in the eyes and proved them wrong. At the start line I looked around at the Swedish Royal Palace and remembered how my life was prior to Rebooting. This was my celebration and I was determined to achieve my first sub 2 hour half marathon. I saw several former co-workers and friends in the crowd as I snaked my way around the 13.1 mile course. Words cannot express how I felt.” Read Shane’s full story.

Shane’s Story: “Lean” into Exercise

It’s important to “lean” into exercise. This means taking small effective steps into the world of exercise is far superior and healthier than jumping into an unrealistic workout plan or even deciding to workout for three straight hours once a week. First tip is be aware of your eating habits. I know it sounds simple but it’s crucial to developing a good workout routine. Read more.

Angie’s Story: Taking My First Step Towards Health

I can perfectly visualize the steps it took to get me running. On New Year’s Day 2012, I was not feeling great and was attempting to take a recovery nap. I’d clinked in the New Year with one too many glasses of really special bubbly. As I lay in my bed, I started to think about what I wanted the next year to look like. This caused some anxiety because the life I wanted for myself did not include laying in my bed alone on New Year’s day. I immediately got up, put my sneakers on and went for a walk. Read on to find out how I decided to lace up my running shoes.

Shane’s Story: When I Realized I was Fat

“Fast forward from my teens and there I was ready to set foot on the pavement again. I put one foot in front of the other and started to run. That lasted for all of one minute. My body was crying out in pain! In agony! My chest tightened, my legs froze and I could hardly breathe. I stumbled to a park bench and sat down, shattered. My pride was hurt. How did I get into this state?” Read Shane’s story and advice to get you moving off the couch even when you are carrying extra weight.

Linda Feels Better at Age 55 Than She Did at 30

“I am excited about the Reboot and tell people about it all the time. I LOVE to cook and consider it a very intimate activity, as what we eat becomes a part of us. I have not lost my love for cooking with this new lifestyle, but now I have a new, more focused motivation. After my annual physical last month my doctor’s instruction to me was to go out and inspire!” Read Linda’s full story.

From Couch Potato to Marathons: Shane Changed His Life for Good

 to Name – Shane W. Location – New York, NY Reboot – 7 Day Reboot Shane’s Story… I used to be your typical overweight businessman on the go. I ate and drank too much, I stuffed myself with large portions of unhealthy foods, and I was at least 60 lbs. overweight. My diet consisted of Chinese food on […]

Jeff H’s Major Transformation: Mind, Body & Spirit

“I feel like I have been granted a second chance on life.” Name – Jeff H. Age – 42 Location – Olympia, WA Reboot – 60 Day juice-only Reboot (July-Sept 2011); followed by 30 day juice-only Reboots in Feb 2012, July 2012 Quick Stats – 92 lbs so far. No longer taking steroid for auto-immune […]

Tiffany Runs Her First 5K and Loses 40 Pounds – Reboot Profile

“I KNOW I CAN CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY UNTIL I REACH MY GOAL” Name – Tiffany M. Reboot – 10 Days of Juice, Followed by Plant-Based Diet I watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” the next day I went out and bought a juicer and began my journey. After just three months, my life was already […]