1.2 Times Around the World!

What an incredible start to 2014 the book launch and tour have been – all thanks to you guys. I started out in Australia way back at the end of January, and from there I’ve been to England, Scotland, the US and Canada. 3 months and 30,690 miles later (that’s 1.2 times around the world!) here I am back in New York, having been lucky enough to meet over five and a half thousand of you at my book signings. Yes, 5,500. That’s a whole lot of Rebooters! I’m honored that so many of you came out to support me, hear my talk, ask some great questions – and wait so patiently in lengthy signing lines to meet me. Thank you all.

Four Cities in Four Days

Well, I can’t believe another week has gone by with four more cities checked off the US Book Tour list. I’m running on a natural high right now because I had such a fantastic week. It was a busy one because I managed to stop into four different cities on the east coast, met over 500 amazing and inspiring people, and juiced until my hands were about to fall off! Have a look at the journey I was on this past week. It was a memorable one to say the least.

In the UK? Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Is Coming Back to Channel 5

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead will be back on TV next week while I’m in the UK for my book tour! We had such a great response to the film last year that Channel 5 is re-airing it on Monday 3rd February at 12 noon (and again on Ch5+1 and their new channel launching the very next day, Ch5+24). Tune in and don’t forget to mark your calendars for my book tour dates.