VIDEO: Joe Cross Goes Bowling In Oklahoma

Here is another additional, never-before-seen, moment from “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” Although this scene didn’t make the final cut, watch Joe get a taste of Americana as he goes bowling in Oklahoma. Joe talks to folks about how fast food factors into their diets and learns what’s on the typical school-lunch menu! All that, […]

VIDEO: Joe Cross on the Streets of Beverly Hills

When I first started working at Reboot Your Life, I was the production manager for the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. I absolutely loved being a part of the film team because we had the chance to meet so many incredible people along the way. And ever since the film was released, seeing how […]

VIDEO: Catalina’s Reboot Success Story

Catalina set out to try a 10 day Reboot; she felt so great and was having such positive results that she decided to extend it to 15 days. Watch Catalina transform before your eyes in this Reboot success story video! For more videos like this one visit our Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead YouTube Channel.

What’s Up With Joe?!

I will be sitting down with Joe Cross this week and asking him all of the burning questions! We are going to film the answers and get the video responses up for you… You can check out all the video responses and more on our YouTube page   So… what’s on your mind? Share […]