Ayinde Howell

Ayinde Howell is a fourth generation entrepreneur, executive vegan chef, actor, musician, writer and founder of ieatgrass.com. Howell, born in a small town called Tacoma, Washington, is a lifelong vegan who started practicing yoga with his family at the age of ten. He has a background in a variety of vegan fare covering soul food, raw, and new American. It was in Seattle where he got his start as co-owner of Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop, an offshoot of the family business. “The Shop” became a popular lunch spot know for blasting hip hop during the crowded rushes and was frequented by notable industry clients like The Roots, Saul Williams, Common, Blackalicious and Erykah Badu when their respective tours came through town.

Currently Ayinde is a caterer, freelance executive chef and green entrepreneur consultant in New York City, NY.

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