The Joe Show: Farmers’ Market Fresh


Enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables makes such a difference when it comes to your health and taste! In this episode of The Joe Show, Dan Kluger stops by to offer tips on how to best navigate a farmers’ market, and whips up a delicious and seasonal white juice and one of my favorites cold weather dishes, roasted butternut squash!

Dan Kluger Dan Kluger, famous New York City chef at ABC Kitchen, stopped by the Reboot Kitchen to share super valuable tips on how to navigate a farmer’s market. He also shared an amazing seasonal juice and Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe. Learn more about Dan and how he makes a juice exceptional.

How to Navigate a Farmers’ MarketIt’s important to take advantage of local farmers’ markets in your area to make the most of produce that’s in season, fresh, local and high in nutrients. Dan Kluger shares these simple tips to make the most of your next visit.

White Vegetable Seasonal JuiceWhile this juice includes three different vegetables, they are all white and they each look a like! Find out what goes into this juice and you’ll be running to the farmers’ market to stock up on these unique veggies.

Roasted Butternut SquashIt’s hard not to fall in love with roasted butternut squash when the weather starts to cool down. It’s one of my favorites and Dan Kluger makes it perfectly crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside. It captures a variety of flavors in every bite — savory, spicy and sweet. Get the recipe and make it for dinner tonight.