The Joe Show: Here Comes Summer


Summer is finally here for those of you in the northern hemisphere! It’s the most energizing time of the year not only for its long days of bright, warm sunshine, but also because of the vibrant fruits and veggies in season. In this episode of The Joe Show you’ll find two recipes perfect for the summer and Joe’s favorite fruits and veggies for the warmer months.

Summer Juice Recipe: Our bodies naturally crave invigorating juices this time of year. This Summer Juice [link to recipe] is energizing with a nice spicy kick to it. Get the recipe and make sure you watch the episode to see Joe drink in the spice.

Summer Soup Recipe: Yes, you can still enjoy soup in the summer! Chef Matteo adds fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market into a blender to make a light and refreshing Gazpacho Summer Soup.

Chef Matteo: Vegan and raw food chef, Matteo Silverman, lives in Sonoma County where he actively supports local farmers markets and knows firsthand the beauty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In this episode he steps back into the Reboot kitchen with fresh summer produce in hand to whip up quick, easy and delicious summer recipes. Learn more about him in our Q&A.