Joe’s Top 5 Tips for Navigating a Party

Joe has a busy schedule but has figured out how to stay healthy even when he goes to parties, out to dinner and more. His top five tips for sticking to a nutritious diet while still having fun:

  1. Hydrate. Before going for any of those appetizers, grab a glass of water. And if you’re having alcohol, try to alternate with one alcoholic beverage followed by a glass of water. You’ll stay hydrated, consume fewer calories and feel better in the morning.
  2. Juice it up! Joe always has a juice before he goes to any party. It takes the edge off hunger and keeps any cravings at bay to help avoid tip # 3….
  3. Avoid Finger Foods. Joe used to go to parties and just eat, eat , eat. In 10 or 12 bites it’s easy to consume enough calories for at least one full meal, and not to mention the unhealthy fats and sugars that normally accompany them!
  4. Go for the healthy snacks! Don’t be afraid to ask the person who’s hosting a party if you can snack on fruits or nuts that they may have in their kitchen but just not out for guests to enjoy. I’ll even tell the person who is hosting the party that I might rage their fridge or kitchen to grab an orange, an apple, or a handful of healthy nuts!
  5. Don’t stress if you slip up. There is always tomorrow to get back on track.
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