Kyle Miller Q&A

Kyle Miller – Yoga Instructor at Yoga Vida

Kyle Miller’s yoga journey started when she was 15 and casually started taking class in Santa Monica. Her stress reliever and favorite workout led her to NYC where the richness of the teachings behind the practice were first revealed. After taking a leap of faith, Kyle travelled to India in 2007 and studied one on one with her for 2 months. Upon returning to New York, she began teaching privates. Her study continued, completing Teacher training and an 800-hour apprenticeship. Kyle now teaches at Yoga Vida and leads their 3 yearly Teacher Trainings. She teaches retreats around the world with the simple intention of wanting her students to feel good. Her classes are uplifting, challenging and transformative.

1.) What is it about yoga that gives you more energy?

Yoga gives you more energy by allowing you to relax! Most of the time we’re so go, go go that we are operating under a stress response and taxing our bodies double-time. Yoga relieves stress by regulating the nervous system and the effect is balance and restored natural vitality.

2.) What is your favorite juice you consume as your go-to for daily energy?
When I am tired or losing focus, my favorite pose to jump into is handstand. It honestly wakes me right up with its playful energy, and yes, I will jump into it anywhere and everywhere!

3.) And what about your favorite energizing snack?
I love juicing! I believe in the power of juice! I love kale, pineapple, lemon and ginger. It’s my classic go-to.

4.) If you could tell someone one thing to do every day for more energy, what would it be?
Making your own chia seed pudding is the easiest thing in the world. I love having this when I need a little pick me up. So much healthier than that afternoon pastry that’s so enticing.

5.) Can you explain each pose you show Joe in this episode and why each gives you energy?
Don’t eat too heavily! Digestion takes energy and nothing makes me feel more sluggish than over eating. A daily yoga practice doesn’t hurt, either!

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