The Joe Show: Produce Prep


One thing I love most about summer is the abundance of colorful fresh fruits. Of course I still love my veggies, but I dedicated this episode of The Joe Show to focus solely on fruits to kick off the official start to summer here in the northern hemisphere. Celebrate with me and watch the full episode for tips on how to prepare tricky fruits, a simple fruit salad, and basic yoga poses!

Summer Fruit Salad Keep walking past the ice cream truck and satisfy your sweet tooth with this super simple Summer Fruit Salad from Ayinde Howel . It doesn’t get any simpler than this! He shows the trick to easily preparing the pineapple and pomegranate that give this salad the perfect blend of sweetness.

Joe’s Top 5 Fruits (and Juices and Smoothies too!) for Summer Orange, red, purple, yellow and green are the top rainbow colors from the fruit world. So drink in the colors of the rainbow with these top 5 vibrant, nutrient-dense juices and smoothies.

Ayinde Howell Ayinde Howell is a fourth generation entrepreneur, executive vegan chef, actor, musician, writer and founder of Currently Ayinde is a caterer, freelance executive chef and green entrepreneur consultant in New York City, NY. He has been a vegan his entire life so he knows his fruits and veggies. Read his full bio to learn more about him.

Kyle Miller Kyle Miller’s yoga journey started when she was 15 and casually started taking class in Santa Monica. Her stress reliever and favorite workout led her to NYC where the richness of the teachings behind the practice were first revealed. Her classes are uplifting, challenging and transformative. Learn more about her in our Q&A.