Produce Shopping Tips

Follow our simple guidelines to make your next visit to the farmers market or grocery store quick, easy, and affordable. Be properly prepared to shop, know what to look for while you’re there, and know what to do with all of the beautiful produce when you get home.  Happy shopping!


1.) Make your shopping list: Go to the store prepared with a detailed list so you know exactly what you need. Not only will this make your trip faster but it will help you avoid any unhealthy temptations.

2.) Research seasonal produce: Produce that’s currently in season will be easier to find and will likely be the best price. Berries in the summer are half the price than they are in the winter. And taste better too!

3.) Eat a small snack at home: Never go shopping for food when you are hungry. An empty stomach in the grocery store might lead to selecting unhealthy food choices.

4.) Bring reusable grocery bags: Save paper and plastic and use your own bags. It’s a great way to carry home (or to your car) your purchases verses 10 plastic bags hanging from your arms and it cuts down on waste.

5.) Bring the whole family: Make it a family outing. It’s a great opportunity to teach your children about healthy eating. They also make great shoppers when selecting new fruits and veggies to try!