Q&A with Dan Kluger

Dan Kluger, famous New York City chef at ABC Kitchen, has always had a passion for food. In the Joe Show: Exceptional juicing, he showcases his fully matured sense of flavor and his mastery of juicing by selecting the perfect combinations of produce, spices and more.  We caught up with him for a Q&A about all things exceptional juicing.

What makes an exceptional juice?
For me a great juice is something that has the nutrition I need but is really balanced and flavorful. I hate watery drinks or ones that are too sweet.

Where do you go for inspiration for new juice recipes?
Sometimes it’s inspiration from the need to get certain nutrients but more often than not; like cooking, I get a lot of juicing inspiration from produce I’ll see at the greenmarket. Seasonal vegetables, colors of the juices, and creating that balance of flavors all play parts in inspiration for juice recipes.

Are there any flavors that should never be combined?
I personally do not like to go heavy handed with anything too spicy or too acidic. As opposed to loving foods that have some heat and acidity, when juicing, I wouldn’t necessarily be adding a whole jalapeno, but a very slight hint of heat could help pop flavors and taste refreshing.

What’s your favorite juice ingredient and why?

Ginger and lemon, I love the brightness of both.

If you could only have one juice for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kale, green apple, ginger, cucumber, collards, lemon and parsley

Any tips for those looking for more juice variety?
Learning about vegetables and the type of vitamins and nutrients that can be extracted from them is key. Besides greens such as kale, spinach, wheatgrass, etc. there are root vegetables such as parsnips that un-seemingly produce a lot of wonderful sweet juice. I would look into certain root vegetables to expand varieties.

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