Veggie Prep Tips & Tricks

Ayinde Howell

We caught up with Ayinde Howell to get more tips and tricks to help us prepare our veggies in the kitchen.

1.) What 3 vegetables do you have in your kitchen at all times, and why?
Onion, garlic, a hot pepper. They are key ingredients for adding flavor base and accent. Garlic can blend or be a main flavor and so can pepper depending on how much you use.

2.) What is the most difficult vegetable to prep? How do you make it easy?
I’d have to say the hidden fruit in the veggie land – tomato.  The best way is with a very sharp knife to get precise cuts without a lot of damage to the tomato.

3.) When you make your juices, what is the easiest way to save time when it comes to prepping?
The best method I use in restaurants is to clean everything when you get it in your CSA box, or canvas bag form the farmers market. J­­ust spend an extra 30 minutes cleaning thoroughly and storing. Then when you’re ready for juice it’s fast and efficient.

4.) For anyone new to juicing, what do you believe is the easiest and most satisfying juice to make?
One thing to understand is that we humans like a handful of flavors…sweet,  salty, spicy etc. So I’d say don’t go overboard, make it to your taste – a pinch of sea salt, a green apple or a 1/2 pineapple for sweetness,  and horseradish for spice.  Just add your own touches and be creative.

5.) What’s the most exotic vegetable you like to cook with? And how do you prep it?
Scotch Bonnet peppers. Using gloves, cut and seed the pepper, and discard the seeds or keep for more punch. Tip: do not do this with bare hands because no matter how much you wash your hands, you’re likely to use the restroom that day and it will not be pretty!