Diabetes Prevention Tips

While there are hundreds of resources out there who can help those of you with diabetes, we want Reboot to be one of them, so we reached out to our Reboot health experts to get their most valuable tips on how to prevent and treat this common disease:

Mature man drinking water
Stacy Kennedy
Stacy Kennedy, an Integrative Nutritionist/Dietitian says:

  • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels stable and help prevent overeating.
  • Pair protein with carbohydrate rich foods, including fruits and starchy veggies. Protein and fiber rich foods are digested more slowly than carbohydrate rich foods making this combination key for keeping blood sugar levels stable and within a healthy range.
  • Drink water. Being dehydrated raises blood sugar levels by making your blood more concentrated to help boost energy levels, reduce sugary cravings and supports metabolism.
  • Include cinnamon to help keep blood sugar levels in check.