High Cholesterol

High CholesterolCholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance needed to maintain healthy cell membranes and other body functions. When it accumulates in the blood or is too high it can form plaque which can block arteries and cause irritation, inflammation and hardening of arteries.




Foods to Include:

  • Unprocessed plant-based foods including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein (low-fat dairy, tofu, poultry, fish)
  • Plenty of vegetables and some fruits
  • Plant foods high in soluble fiber: Oats, lentils and beans, fruits- apples, pears and oranges, cucumbers, celery, carrots and vegetable/fruit juice (fresh)
  • Healthy fats: Nuts, seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive/avocado/flaxseed oil, fatty fish (salmon)
  • Natural sugars: Fruits, honey, maple syrup (when choosing to add sweetness)

Foods to Avoid:

  • Highly processed foods
  • Highly processed sugars and refined starches (white breads, white sugar)
  • Trans-fat foods: Baked goods and processed foods
  • High cholesterol foods: Cheeses, high-fat animal meats (exception coconut oil and flesh)
  • Alcohol in excess
  • Low fiber diet

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