Your Guide to 31 Days of Better Health

By: Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist

March is National Nutrition Month so we have come up with our own Reboot-friendly tips to keep you healthy all month long. Plus, spring is just around the corner and what better time to focus on healthy eating?  Here is a quick and easy day-by-day guide with recipes to make the most of good nutrition during the month of March.

Save this as a reminder for every day of the month!

MARCH 1: Choose at least one red fruit or veggie today: Tomato, Beet, Red grapes, Watermelon, Cherries, Strawberries

: Choose at least one Orange/Yellow fruit or veggie: Squash, Sweet Potato, Orange, Clementine, Peppers, Carrots

MARCH 3: Choose at least one Green Fruit or Veggie:  Kale, Spinach, Apple, Zucchini, Celery, Cucumber

MARCH 4: Meatless Monday! Try a meatless breakfast like Trail Mix Oatmeal  or Teff Oatmeal with Almonds & Blueberries

MARCH 5: Choose at least one Blue/Purple Fruit or Veggie: Grapes, Blueberries, Cabbage, Eggplant, Plums

MARCH 6: Choose at least one White Fruit or Veggie: Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Horseradish, Cauliflower

MARCH 7: Hydrate!  Drink at least 8 cups (64 oz. or 2 L) of water. Enhance your water for flavor and nutrients.

MARCH 8: Choose baked foods over fried foods, like these delicious Sweet Potato & Carrot “fries” .

MARCH 9: Spring Cleaning Day – Toss the Sugar! Go through your pantry and cupboards and read the labels of packages. Ditch anything that includes High Fructose Corn Syrup or has sugar/corn syrup/cane sugar as the first ingredient, or contains added sugars.

MARCH 10: Choose tea over coffee or try making ginger “tea” with hot water, fresh ginger root and lemon.

MARCH 11: Meatless Monday! Try a meatless lunch like Black Bean & Red Pepper Soup.

MARCH 12: Drink a juice for breakfast or snack.

MARCH 13: Make it from scratch! Try homemade granola bars like Almond Butter Berry Bars.

MARCH 14: Make exercise, like walking a daily habit.

MARCH 15: Try a brand new veggie!  Fennel, Jicama, Yucca,  Brussels Sprouts, Watercress, any veggie will do!

MARCH 16: Spring Cleaning Day- Toss the Trans-Fats! Read labels for Trans-Fats (listed in the facts label under Total Fat) and read the ingredients for Partially Hydrogenated Oils.

MARCH 17: Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day!  Try the Shamrock Smoothie.

MARCH 18: Meatless Monday! Try a meatless dinner like Black-Eyed Bean Shepard’s Pie.

MARCH 19: Drink a smoothie for breakfast.

MARCH 20: Make it from scratch!  Try a homemade soup. Perfect for lunch or dinner with plenty of leftovers!

MARCH 21: Try a new grain! Quinoa, Teff, kasha (buckwheat), and amaranth just to name a few choices.

MARCH 22: “Just say no” to dessert.  Opt for a tart treat with plenty of fiber and phytonutrients instead.

MARCH 23: Spring Cleaning Day- Toss any artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors! Read labels carefully for ingredients like acesulfame-K, sucralose, sorbitol.

MARCH 24: Make it from Scratch! Try juice-pulp veggie broths and soups. Thai Infused Broth  & Lemon & Mint Lentil  Soup

MARCH 25: Meatless Monday! Try a meatless snack like Carrot & Parsnip “Chips”.

MARCH 26: Try a new spice! Turmeric, cumin, coriander, chili, the list for flavor, immunity and health is endless.

MARCH 27: Make it from Scratch! Try homemade almond milk alone or with Cinnamon Vanilla or Hot Chocolate.

MARCH 28: Start your day with some veggies! Try a veggie-heavy juice, raw veggies with hummus or even a salad in the morning.

MARCH 29: If you want something sweet go for a “smart sweet”.

MARCH 30: Spring Cleaning Day- Toss the BPA (a toxin found in plastic and can linings). Look for BPA-free on packaging.

MARCH 31: Make it from Scratch!  Try homemade gluten-free pizza.

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Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist

Stacy is a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition and an Integrative Nutritionist. She consults for various companies, focusing on health, wellness and innovative strategies to help increase individual’s fruit and vegetable intake. Stacy is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist; she holds a BS degree in Dietetics from Indiana University, completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital, and earned a Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a Senior Clinical Nutritionist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School teaching affiliates, in Boston, MA, with more than 20 years of experience. Stacy created and now serves as project manager and lead writer for nutrition services content on the Dana Farber website and the affiliated, nationally recognized nutrition app. Stacy is regularly featured on TV, radio, print and social media on behalf of Dana Farber and other organizations. Together with her husband, Dr. Russell Kennedy PsyD, they have a private practice, Wellness Guides, LLC. Stacy is an adjunct professor in Wellness and Health Coaching at William James College, currently teaching a graduate course in Health Coaching. Stacy is featured in the award winning documentary films, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2,” and serves on the Reboot with Joe Medical Advisory Board. Stacy lives in Wellesley with her husband, two sons and three dogs. She enjoys cooking, yoga, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Stacy is also one of the nutritionists who runs our Guided Reboot programs.

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